Journeyman Level

The Journeyman is the second step in the Master Beekeeping Program. A Journeyman is a skilled beekeeper who has successfully completed the Apprentice qualification in the beekeeping craft. Journeymen are considered competent and fully qualified keepers. The Journeyman has earn this level of competence by education, supervised experience, and examination.


1. The Candidate for this level of certification must have held the Apprentice Beekeeper certification for at least one year and have been practicing beekeeping for at least two (2) years.

2. Proof of registration of their hives with the Dept. of Agriculture in their home state or certificate of registration with the Alabama Dept. of Agriculture.

3. Show proof of attending a minimum of 12 hours of Honey Bee related programs  (use public credit for proof of participation). These classes are to focus on the following areas of beekeeping: (1) honey bee pest/parasites & pathogens, (2) social wasps & bees, (3) pollination, (4) pesticides & honey bees, (5) honey bee biology, (6) hiving a swarm, (7) how to make splits (8) basic queen rearing.

4. The candidate must score 70% or more on each block of the written exam. This exam will cover more information than required in the Apprentice Beekeeper level exam and will cover information as set by the Certified Directors.  EXAMPLE: class room studies, reading materials.

5. The Candidate must score 80% or more on a practical examination. The practical exam can include, but is not limited to; scoring a jar of honey, reading pesticide labels and determining which is safest to use around honey bees. Identifying several beekeeping items, examining honey labels for errors, distinguishing between bees, wasps, hornets, and other insects, and identifying anatomical structures of a bee and a flower.

6. The Candidate must perform and document completion of five (5) public service credits using the public form provided. The candidate can submit extra public credits which is encouraged, but they cannot be used in higher certification levels.

Objectives of a Journeyman:

Bee Anatomy– Using a picture, the Candidate for Journeyman must identify selected parts of the anatomy . Possess an understanding of each body part listed.

Beekeeping Equipment– Identifying several pieces of equipment using the correct nomenclature and describing the proper use.

Flowers & Pollination-The candidate will be looking at the anatomy of the flower and the relationship to the forager bee. This will also include the importance of pollination and the role of the honeybee. Given several diagrams the candidate must identify the parts of the flower and their function. Additionally, must explain the importance and explain pollination.

Queen Rearing– The candidate must understand and address questions of all aspects of queen rearing, marking, grafting and mating.

The Hive as a Colony-The candidate for Journeyman must posses an in depth knowledge concerning the Social activity within the colony. This would include the function of each caste and the routine of daily life as well as hive management.