Master Beekeeper Continuing Currency

The MASTER BEEKEEPER is expected to maintain the skills achieved. The Master level expires three years from the date of issue.

In order to maintain a current certificate at these levels completion of the following is required.

1. Present to the Registrar, proof of attending or teaching (x2) at any state level symposium {ACES Symposium, ALabma Master Beekeeping Program, ABA Annual Meeting} or hold a state level position (ie. Officer, Board Member in ABA or AMB) .

2.  Required to attend the ABA annual meeting.

By accepting the Master Level you grant permission to post your name and contact information on the Master Beekeeper Website.

The Master Beekeeper that has allowed currency to laps (Failed to provide proof to the registrar, or inaction) will be required to Appeal in writing to the AMB Commission for reinstatement. This will require the following;

1. Attend all Master Level classes at the Annual Master Beekeeping Program.

2. Participate as assigned in the Annual Master Beekeeping Program.