Public Service Credit Form

Documentation of Public Service Credits

Alabama Master Beekeeper Program

(To be completed with assistance from Master Beekeeper Program candidate and signed by representatives from organization sponsoring/hosting the event)

On this date:  ____________, _________________, a candidate for the Alabama Beekeepers Association Master Beekeeper Program, provided or completed an act of public service, which covered the following subject matter related to beekeeping, honey bee pollination or honey production:  (Please circle applicable areas)

1.  Presenting bee-related lecture or workshop to a group as a featured speaker.

2. Officers position in local beekeeping association

3. Appointment by local County Extension office or other municipal agency as expert contact on bee-related questions or issues.

4. Assisting members of youth organizations with project work

5. Mentoring a new beekeeper through at least one complete season.

6. Public demonstration on beekeeping topic at fair, festival or similar public event

7. Providing a hive of bees to pollinate a public garden.

8. Establishing and maintaining observation hive for school or civic group.

9. Other: _________________________________________________________________________________.

Organization name:  ___________________________________________________________

Name of Event:  ______________________________________ Date:  ______________

General Description of Event:  ___________________________________________________




Estimated number of participants/attendees:  ________________________________________

Printed Name/Title of Representative:  ____________________________________________

Signature of  Master Beekeeper  Representative _____________________________________(Office Use Only)

Contact Information (phone and/or email) for Signee:  ________________________________